Milford School Library Conversion, ILE Upgrade and New Library

Library Conversion to MLE Classrooms

Watershed was involved in the conversion of the School’s existing library. The space was refurbished to be used as a collaborative learning space for two classroom equivalents of new entrants.

The office space was repurposed and with new glazing installed, become a breakout space for small group learning. The glazing also improved the overall lighting levels throughout the space.

ILE Upgrade

This project entailed the creation of two break-out spaces which involved remodelling an office space and a dark ICT area. The upgrade included installing glass sliding doors, framed portal windows and improved lighting.

New Library & Classroom Block

Working with the Ministry of Education and Milford Primary School we have delivered a new library and classroom block for the School.   This project began in 2016 and was completed in 2018, with a half day strategic planning session. This session guided the design criteria and developed what was important to the school in terms of the key project deliverables, the location and orientation on a challenging site, and making sure the School and Ministry of Education got what they wanted from the project.

Milford School Board of Trustees
Position Held
Project Manager
Completion Date
October 2015, January 2016, Late 2017
Construction Company
Accent Interiors Ltd, Fat Parrot Architects