Massey Park Pool Upgrade

Watershed was engaged by Auckland Council to help rescue the Massey Park Redevelopment Project that was set to run well over the allocated budget.

We helped facilitate a full scope revision, and a review of the desired outcomes on both a conceptual and elemental basis to revisit the project scope and identify key deliverables that are important to the project team and the Local Board. This work helped realign the project and ensure that a scope within budget could be developed through design.

Watershed was part of the project team to help give the Council confidence that the delivery was being managed from a quality management perspective. The project is now complete and has a fantastic new indoor education pool, new spa, sauna and steam room, and fully separated bodies of water.

Massey Park Pool is a great community facility.

Auckland Council
Position Held
Project Manager
Pool Upgrade
Completion Date
June 2013
Construction Company
Aspec Construction