Mark Twomey General Manager

As General Manager, and Kris’ right-hand man, Mark drives productivity in the business through day to day operations across a broad range of services and he works closely with the Executive Team in developing the team and culture.

Mark is a key member of our asset management, operational auditing and assessment sectors. He has been the lead author on hundreds of audits for a range of clients from Local Government and educational institutions through to large corporate clients who have multiple sites around the country/region. Much of this work has led to an overall improvement in client operations and improved knowledge and understanding of key site issues, particularly where there has been a lack of consistency or third party involvement.

Mark has led the development of Watersheds’ asset management planning function and leads the team on 10 year planning, reviews and conditional surveys which have been used to inform long term planning and asset replacement schedules for a range of Councils, Schools and organisations around the country.

Mark has been with Watershed since 2008 and is an integral part of the business, but his previous skills and experience came from managing multi-faceted assignments in large corporate environments primarily in the highly competitive financial services and entertainment sectors.

“When the facts change I change my mind. 
What do you do sir”