Maintenance & On-Site Support

Across all of our clients there is a need for tasks to be done beyond what a caretaker or property team are able to do, but not quite big enough for a builder or construction company to be engaged. We have decided to take matters into our own hands so we can all start achieving better outcomes!

We have a small team available to deal with those annoying jobs – things like building shelves, doors, minor repairs, cladding repairs, fences, decks and similar; anything a builder might do. 

We will show up with tools, buy what we need and get the job done. In addition to our maintenance team we can also look after grounds tasks- sweeping, gardening, tidy ups and so on.

If your caretaker is away on leave or you find yourself needing a short term solution, talk to us about our temporary care taking service. We can generally have a temporary caretaker to your property or school at short notice.