Lagoon Leisure & Fitness Spa Pool, Spa Heating and Chlorine Upgrade

Spa Pool Upgrade

The spa pool at Lagoon Fitness & Leisure was in a poor condition. Auckland Council determined that a comprehensive renewal package needed to be programmed to improve the performance of the asset.

Watershed identified the spa dump valve, tiling, covers and the skylight as requiring replacement. We were asked to review the project scope and recommend a way forward.

Once the scope is confirmed, Watershed managed the various project elements on site and delivered the project. The Spa Pool received a complete re-tile and installation of new skimmer baskets. The removal of some walls improved circulation and all handrails were d with stainless steel. A new dump valve was also installed. The facility now has a refurbished Spa Pool that is compliant with NZS4441:2008.

Spa Heating Upgrade

The existing heat pump was a 15Kw unit which was located on the roof of the facility. The unit was not of a sufficient size to enable the New Zealand Standards (NZS 5826:2010) to be enforced with minimal disruption to the facility operations.

After investigations, it was established that there is no suitable location for a heat pump of the required size to be installed. Therefore the preferred option was for a gas boiler to be installed inside the Spa Plant Room which has the capacity to heat the Spa volume of 20,000 litres in a 12 hour period to 39ºC.

Work involved mounting the new boiler, installing a new flue and seal, positioning a new Heat Exchanger and running new gas lines. The boiler was commissioned in September 2011.

Chlorine Upgrade

The disinfection source for the Main Indoor, Outdoor Pool and Dive Well was chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is 100% strength and therefore has higher compliance costs associated. The operation of a chlorine gas system is also specialised function with full training required. It is also highly dangerous when not used correctly. The chlorine source was upgraded to Sodium Hypochlorite with manually adjustable automatic dosing. Along with the changed to liquid chlorine, a CO2 dosing system was installed giving greater control over pH levels.

The project also included upgrades to the chlorine dosing equipment for the learn to swim pool, slide and splash pad. The site got improved control over their water quality through easily manageable uniform dosing equipment that did not require specialist training.

The chance of an incident that negatively impacted the facility, its users and the community around it was also greatly reduced through a safer disinfection source. At the same time the change bought the facility in line with other pools within Council’s portfolio with a consistent approach to managing water quality.

Auckland Council
Spa Pool Refurbishment, Spa Heating Upgrade, Chlorine Upgrade