Regionwide Council Facilities Facility Asset, Operational Audits and Manuals

These audits are tailored to suit Councils in-house operations and systems. Matamata-Piako District Council has a number of mechanisms in place for checking and measuring performance. Our audits dovetail into these and both take and provide information to form a complete picture for Council.

A holistic view of the facility – we felt previous audits had focussed too much on plant condition only, our approach focuses on a wide range of customer touch points and measures that reflected the customer experience.
Customer perspective – we really wanted to look at things from both a technical and customer perspective- i.e. if it looks dirty it probably is, and if it isn’t dirty but looks it then that’s what people think!

Best practice water quality – again a snapshot but one that at least offers a check of what’s being done, and in some cases what’s being claimed as being done. In particular looking at water quality holistically not just each parameter in isolation.
Asset management for whole of life, efficiency, operational ease and the ability to comply with standards or meet council or the customers service delivery expectations.

Consistency – visits are made by the same team across the region which allows for an understanding of baseline service levels and allows for opportunities to share best practice.

Development of SOPs that reflect both best practice and Council’s preferred operational model was possible following the initial audit. We then provided operational manuals for each facility that balance how things should be done with what can be done. These manuals are updated as and when required as part of our ongoing service.

Our understanding of Council’s assets has enabled us to author the most recent LTCCP and provide input into longer term strategic thinking and Capex needs.

Our relationship with MPDC enables Council to call on our knowledge and skill set as they need it. We assist with immediate problems or concerns, get involved in longer-term thinking and provide advice.