Dayle Franklyn Lead Planner

Dayle had a promising career in logistics management before deciding to change careers and study project management. He previously joined Watershed as a Property & Project Consultant before taking some time out to look at furthering his career. Dayle has since returned to the team and now leads Watershed's asset and infrastructure management planning functions.

He has over six years experience in project management and property consulting, and has worked closely with many different State and State-Integrated schools; planning and managing capital and maintenance upgrades. With his previous experience, Dayle is well versed in utilising this understanding to help plan and advise clients’ how best to maintain their most valuable assets.

Outside of work Dayle, enjoys travelling and playing sport.
However, following a knee injury playing rugby, he is more likely these days to be "participating" with a little help from Sky Sports than he is to be on the field. He also likes to spend time with his partner and their dog, and making delicious buffalo wings.