Christiaan Morkel Project Manager & Property Consultant

My career in construction started back in South Africa where for 15 years I gained invaluable experience in the residential and commercial construction industry. Throughout my work life, I have always been client-facing orientated, assisting clients from the initial concept design stage through to project planning, scheduling and overseeing of all trades, until the final hand over.

Working for a local New Zealand building company in 2019 saw me expand my industry experience in the Insurance sector, by simultaneously managing multiple residential and commercial reinstatements projects.

I joined the Watershed Project Management team in August 2021 and immediately recognised the value in the collective team-driven culture of the project management unit. In work and in life I always strive to be inclusive and fair. I always aim to add value when working with others to achieve common goals.

On a personal note, I am a BBQ enthusiast, art lover, husband, father and keen home improver. I'm happiest outdoors with family and friends and although I catch very little, I love fishing.