Asset & Property Management

Based on our experience working with a diverse range of clients in different industries, we have been able to help them gain a better insight into their valuable assets by providing up-to-date information for developing asset management plans. This has resulted in more practical and rational maintenance and replacement schedules during the expected lifespan of each asset.

It's quite common for us to encounter clients who have received a new property or equipment without any guidance on how to maintain it properly, or those who are struggling to identify the best course of action to enhance their aging assets. We are here to offer our expertise and help you navigate these challenges.

Our services include

  • Asset auditing and cataloguing including full condition assessments
  • Asset life-cycle and replacement scheduling
  • Compliance checking, including health and safety
  • Cyclical maintenance planning, supervision and sign off
  • Development of 10 and 15 year Asset Plans.

If you're responsible for managing a Body Corporate, school, or any other complex property, having a comprehensive plan in place is crucial. Whether you're looking to fulfill compliance requirements, plan your budget, or simply ensure that you're taking good care of the property, our team can help. We'll work with you to develop a practical plan and make informed decisions confidently as you move forward.